An exciting day at plug & play techcenter

Yesterday was one of those days to remember that more than justifies so a log trip to San Francisco with scale at Paris.

I had the opportunity to have a long talk to Saeed Amidi (president and CEO at plug and play tech center) and the privilege of being both advised and encouraged by a personality of his size.

However the most exciting and encouraging surprise came with the private pitching session with step one and Desmond Cahill as investor. I had the opportunity (as many others) to talk to explain the new technology we are developing to have feedback from him . I expected the project to be underestimated by the lack of material to support the pitching as well as for that I haven't prepared the speech so talking about this project was not the goal of the travel.
At the last moment I decided that I would prefer to invest the opportunity I had to talk to him in the biggest project we've ever been involved instead of talking about mature ad profitable projects we have but that never will be hundred million dollars.

The surprise was that from the title of the project he became really excited and he said that if we're able to finish the first beta to have a demo this will be a huge business with no limits. He clearly transmitted me that we have a golden opportunity. People from Step One was as well surprised so I had not talk them about this technology we are developing Due to size of our company he said that it is better to finish the first beta by ourselves or with a minimum seed capital . On his opinion we should easily raise half million dollar as seed capital for so a promising project, I think that he has never done business in Spain.
Anyway and despite of money, this kind of feedback from a guru like Desmond Cahill is as necessary as raising funds.
I still have a pending homework so I promised a Lead Product Manager of yahoo that I would give some details of the technology
Someone could think that it is better not to give details to potential competitors but as I learned from Patrick MacEntee (founding partner at Auxo Global) If someone can easily copy your project probably this was not so complicated nor so big nor so a great idea as you thought.

Before visiting plug & play we visited facebook. This is not the kind of technology I like more but it is great to hear from them what are their new plans and strategies to continue growing.

facebook headquarters

At p&p I met really amazing entrepreneurs with promising startups like Jonathan Siddharth from infoaxe, Andrew Sternthal from Ekko, Alfonso de la Nuez from UserZoom and some others

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