hello world

Something to share

This is my firts post so more than something to explain, in this case, I have something to try.

Since the last time I was near creating this blog some features has really improved. Today, I've discovered that it is no longer necessary to work through a ftp to publish if you want to use a custom domain, now It is enough to configure a cname to ghs.google.com

After thinking i nwirting my blog in catalan, in spanish or in english I've determined to write a multilingual blog, I'll write what I fell about on the lange I feel like it.

By now, this is all so I say goodbye expecting this blog not to be one of those single post blogs (hello world).

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Anónimo dijo...

Life is so curious, looking at a link in Google I mistyped a letter, and voilà! em trobo amb tu, after many, many years without hearing from you.. curious... :)